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V Case 3 LW

Presenting concern:
This patient presented to us with a dark, upper right baby tooth which moved and caused her gums to bleed. The patient requested extraction of the tooth and replacement with an implant. She was particular that the implant crown be matched up to the same tooth on the opposite side and wanted the crown to appear as natural-looking as possible.

Treatment done:
A CBCT scan was carried out and the patient was made aware of the minimal bone volume in this site. A narrow, short implant was inserted into the space. The inter-arch space, in this case, was restricted and the patient was made aware of this. She was given a crown that was narrow and shorter in length compared to the opposite tooth. She was also given 4 veneers for her upper 4 front teeth (that were crooked, short and dark in appearance).

Treatment Outcome:
The patient was very happy with her veneers and implant. Her smile has “brightened up”. She feels like a ‘better version’ of herself.