Dentures in Kew

Bringing back your confident smile

Losing multiple teeth can be distressing. For many people young and old, tooth loss will often affect both lifestyle and confidence. Eating in public, socialising and even smiling can become a major cause for embarrassment.

One solution to this problem is dentures. Dr Kirthi Kosalram, Specialist Prosthodontist is trained to deliver aesthetically pleasing, functional and comfortable dentures. She works with local technicians in Kew and the surrounding suburbs of Melbourne to provide high quality and durable dentures.

We are dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of your denture treatment are accurate from diagnosis and planning to fabrication, insert and follow up appointments. All of these procedures are aimed at achieving the flawless, life-like replacement teeth that you deserve.

In most cases, patients looking for dentures have a number of options available. Dr Kosalram will work closely with you to ensure excellent outcomes.


Denture options include:

Complete dentures

Are intended for patients who are missing all teeth in their upper and/ or lower jaw or both. Complete dentures are designed to restore perfect functionality, allowing you to eat and speak as naturally as possible. These prostheses can deliver a natural, beautiful smile as well as fullness to the upper lip.

Partial dentures

Patients who are missing some of their upper or lower teeth can benefit from partial dentures. They consist of a natural pink/ gum-coloured base on which life-like custom teeth resembling your own teeth or a choice of mould and shade you approve are attached. They help to prevent your natural teeth from moving and are comfortable, convenient and easily removed.

Implant overdentures

For patients who are missing all their teeth, implant-overdentures provide a stable full-arch alternative to conventional dentures. While conventional dentures rest solely on the gum tissue and underlying jawbone, overdentures are held in position by dental implants. Designed to be fully-removable for easy cleaning, overdentures ‘snap’ and retain onto the implants for maximum stability and retention.

Implant-supported fixed dentures

Implant-supported fixed dentures (as the name suggests) consist of a full denture anchored and fixed below the gums by 4-6 dental implants. These provide a solid foundation that prevents the dentures from moving, giving you the retention and feeling of security you require when eating, speaking and socialising.

Dentures patients can trust

A primary pre-requisite for a removable denture is accuracy of fit. Ill-fitting dentures or loose dentures can seriously impact retention, confidence and quality of life. Ill-fitting dentures can cause painful sores in the mouth. Patients at our practice can be assured of obtaining a well-fitting denture that significantly improves their appearance. All treatments are meticulously planned and executed with each individual client in mind.

For high-quality, custom-made dentures, consider specialist denture care from Melbourne East Prosthodontics in Kew. Call today on (03) 9853 2845 to book a consultation.