Dental crowns and bridges in Kew

Achieving dental perfection

Obtaining exquisite results using crowns and bridges requires an expert understanding of dental restorations. Our principal Prosthodontist and Specialist Dentist, Dr Kirthi Kosalram works closely with each patient to deliver customised results.

Our crowns and bridges are designed to blend into the patient’s smile in an effort to being indistinguishable from the adjacent natural teeth.


What is a crown and bridge restoration?

Modern dental crowns are fabricated using materials such as ceramic and are designed specifically to ‘cap’ a decayed, damaged or broken tooth or teeth. Our crowns and bridges are manufactured locally, at labs based in Kew, Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. The advantage of a dental crown is that it offers greater long-term protection for the tooth.

Dental bridges are supported by teeth located on either side of a missing tooth. The bridge is inserted onto the supporting teeth from which an artificial tooth is suspended, thus bridging the gap created by the missing tooth. In cases where an implant-based restoration is not possible, a dental bridge is perceived to be a good prosthetic solution.

Custom dental crowns and bridges in Kew – Achieving dental perfection

At Melbourne East Prosthodontics, our principal Prosthodontist and Specialist Dentist, Dr Kirthi Kosalram has over a decade of experience in cosmetic rehabilitations including crowns and bridges. Patients present to us from Kew and the surrounding suburbs in Melbourne on a regular basis asking for solutions to their damaged or missing teeth. Clients can be rest assured that they are in safe, knowledgeable and caring hands. Our custom crowns and bridges not only last long but are fabricated to perfectly match your smile. We endeavour to make your crowns and bridges appear indistinguishable from the adjacent natural teeth.


Crowns and bridges – The processes explained

Dental crowns

To create the perfect crown, the affected tooth needs to be reshaped to accommodate the new crown. Once this is done, an impression is taken, and a temporary crown is inserted. Dental technicians will fabricate your crown in the dental laboratory to match your natural teeth in aspects of size, shape and shade. Where multiple crowns and bridges are fabricated, the entire smile can be redesigned to your specific requirements.
During the final visit, the temporary crown is removed and your new permanent crown is inserted. The new crown is assessed for accuracy of bite, shade, shape and appearance prior to insertion, thus ensuring complete patient satisfaction.

Dental Bridges

The procedure to fabricate dental bridges is similar to that of crowns. Crowns are placed on natural teeth (known as anchor teeth) on either side of the missing tooth. During the first visit, these anchor teeth are reshaped appropriately and minimally in order to seat the new bridge. Impressions of the prepared teeth are then taken and used to design and fabricate your bridge. A temporary bridge is inserted in the meantime until the permanent bridge is fabricated.

During the second visit, the temporary bridge is removed and a new bridge (of ceramic or ceramic fused to metal) is cemented into position. This consists of the two crowns with a connecting prosthetic tooth in the middle to bridge the gap created by the missing tooth. Final checks will be carried out to ensure the very best comfort, fit and bite for your new bridge.

Dental crowns and bridges may be inserted as single entities or can be fabricated as part of an overall treatment plan such as a cosmetic rehabilitation of the entire mouth to create a perfect smile. To find out more and book a consultation and contact Melbourne East Prosthodontics on (03) 9853 2845.