Missing Teeth

Single missing tooth


Single teeth are rarely replaced definitively with dentures in dentistry today. Dentures have now become more of a temporary replacement until such time that the patient is ready for an implant or bridge.

Single implant supported crowns

Single implant supported crowns are used to replace a single missing tooth. The implant is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Three-six months later, the crown is inserted in place using the implant as a retentive foundation. These crowns can be made to simulate natural teeth and can last for decades.

Multiple missing teeth


Are removable ‘plates’ made of plastic or plastic and chrome cobalt. They can support single or multiple teeth and are ideal for patients who do not mind having a removable set of teeth. They can be cleaned and maintained easily.


Are fixed prostheses usually inserted to replace 1 or 2 teeth. The longer the bridge, the greater the forces it is subjected to. Hence, only a maximum of 2 teeth may be replaced with fixed bridges.

Implant supported crowns

Are good options for the replacement of multiple teeth. The site has to be initially scanned to assess the quantity of bone prior to surgery.

Full arch of missing teeth


When a patient presents with no teeth, the simplest form of treatment they can have is complete dentures. These are 2 removable plates (one upper and one lower) supporting a full complement of teeth

Implant retained dentures

When dentures are constantly loose and poorly retentive, particularly in the lower jaw, they can be a source of embarrassment to the patient. Two implants with retentive devices called ‘locator attachments’ may be used to retain the denture in place. The denture can be removed, cleaned and secured back into place onto the locator attachments in the mouth.

Implant supported crowns

Are used as a fixed replacement of all teeth. Here, 4-6 implants are placed in the upper and/ or lower arch. These implants support the bridge by means of screws. This prosthesis is permanently fixed to the implants and can be removed by the dentist when needed.

‘Dental implants to replace multiple teeth’

Is a popular and reliable immediate replacement option for complete denture wearers or for those patients who have a debilitating dentition and are most likely to lose all their teeth. Here, implants are immediately restored with a temporary plastic bridge followed by a permanent titanium or ceramic bridge in the near future. In short, the patient receives a full complement of teeth within 1 week of implant placement.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.