Trusted second opinions offered at Melbourne East Prosthodontics


Dr Kirthi Kosalram, Specialist Prosthodontist at Melbourne East Prosthodontics, regularly receives enquiries from both dentists as well as patients who seek the services of a specialist dentist for a second opinion.

When a patient or dentist is faced with a health-related decision, involving complex dental implant surgery or an elaborate dental treatment plan, obtaining a second opinion from another qualified dental professional can be beneficial. This will either:

  • Reinforce the original recommendation of the dentist/ specialist


  • Offer a different perspective, which will help the patient and/ the dentist make a choice and finalise a treatment plan

Either way, obtaining a second opinion from a qualified dental expert is in the best interests of the patient and therefore, highly recommended.


Why should I get a second opinion?

A second opinion from a specialist practitioner can help dentists arrive at appropriate and informed decisions for their patients. Patients when faced with the need for complex, expensive or life-changing dental procedures, may benefit from having their treatment plan reinforced and validated. In addition, different options and dimensions associated with treatment planning are brought to light. This can assist patients tremendously in arriving at decisions for their dental treatment.

When to get a second opinion?

Instances that merit seeking a second opinion include:

  • When treatment recommended is extensive
  • When faced with complex dental restorations, reconstructions and rehabilitations
  • When patients/ dentists require treatment validation by an expert in the field

Should you wish to seek a second dental opinion, contact Melbourne East Prosthodontics at (03) 9853 2845 to book your appointment now. Dr Kosalram will provide you with an impartial assessment of your dental condition and treatment plan.