Dental implants in Kew

Surpassing expectations in care

If you are missing a tooth or teeth and require replacement with implants, contact us through our referral portal or call our rooms in Kew on (03) 9853 2845.

You will be pleased to note that Dr Kosalram and the team at Melbourne East Prosthodontics are conveniently and centrally located in Kew.

As a Specialist Prosthodontist, Dr Kosalram gets referred and provides clients with a range of dental implant treatments from simple to advanced solutions.

We strive to provide fixed implant solutions where possible. Under certain circumstances, where necessary, other options such as removable implant-retained prosthesis are recommended. Our team can guide you to choose the best option that is right for you.

Dental implants in Kew – Enjoy a specialist level of dental care

Finding the right treatment for every patient requires careful evaluation across a multitude of factors. Every dental condition is unique.

For this reason, CBCT scanning technology is used to carefully study the quality and quantity of bone. This helps to decide upon the number and type of implants needed in a particular situation.
In some instances, the foundation (bone) needs to be rebuilt first.

Based on a full clinical examination, our Specialist Prosthodontist will customise your treatment plan to your individual requirements.
At our dental practice here in Kew, Dr Kosalram and the team have meticulously set up processes in place to deliver complete implant dentistry solutions.

This includes:

  • Implant treatment planning
  • Bone replacement (grafting) where necessary
  • Implant placement using digital or conventional techniques
  • Final prosthesis/ teeth delivery

All of the above results in a seamless treatment experience for patients. Quality dental implants from companies such as Straumann, Astra, BioHorizons, Biomet 3i and Noble Biocare are used to treat our patients. These are known and trusted implant companies that are recognised worldwide.

These products, coupled with the latest technology, allows the team at Melbourne East Prosthodontics to accurately replace:

  • A single tooth
  • Several teeth or a segment of the jaw
  • An entire arch of teeth

This treatment is carried out using the latest materials available to fabricate implant-supported crowns and bridges, full-arch implant bridges and Dental implants to replace multiple teeth treatments.


Dental implant procedures in Kew

Throughout the dental implant treatment procedures, patients can be rest assured that their health and well-being are our number one priority. The implant procedure is phased as follows:

A comprehensive examination

A 3-dimensional investigation of the jaw bone is undertaken at the implant placement site. This is to determine the placement accuracy of your dental implant/ implants. From this, a digital impression/ guide is made.

Inserting dental implants

Meticulous planning reduces the surgery time needed to insert the dental implant into the jaw. An Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon or Periodontist will perform your surgery.

Healing time

Often, after surgery, there will be a period of healing before the permanent crown/ bridge is inserted. This time period ranges between 3-6 months and allows for successful bone integration.

Fabricating the permanent crown
Your dental crown/ bridge is fabricated to perfectly achieve the colour, size, and shape of tooth/ teeth that you desire.
Insert and follow-up

Dr Kosalram will insert your permanent crown and follow-up with regular appointments to ensure your comfort and functionality of your new crown/ bridge. We believe regular follow-up appointments are essential for treatment success and encourage our patients to keep these appointments.

To find out more about quality dental implants contact Dr Kosalram and the team at Melbourne East Prosthodontics in Kew today. Call 03 9853 2845 to book a consultation.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.