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V Case 1 MMc

Presenting concern:
This patient presented to us in 2016 with discoloured upper teeth. His teeth were not visible upon smiling. He smiled forcefully in order to show them. He was embarrassed about his teeth and could not speak without lisping. He also had gaps between his teeth from a previous history of discontinued orthodontic treatment.

Treatment done:
The patient’s teeth and gums were thoroughly evaluated, and his teeth restored with all-ceramic veneers. The gaps on either side were too small to have implants- they were restored with 2-unit tooth-supported bridges. The patient was given a splint at the end of treatment to protect his teeth and veneers.

Treatment outcome:
The patient is extremely happy with the outcome of his treatment. He smiles and speaks confidently in public. He has learnt to get accustomed to his new bite and is very grateful for the improvement that this treatment has made to his quality of life.