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MP Case 2 AA

Presenting concern:
This patient presented to us in 2015, complaining of a swelling in the lower left side of his jaw. This was diagnosed to be a benign tumour and was removed surgically. Unfortunately, due to the extent of the tumour, the patient lost the left lower jawbone including all his teeth leaving his face collapsed. Following surgery, he experienced crowding and chipping of the upper front teeth. The patient could not speak or function properly. His appearance had altered dramatically as a result of surgery.

Treatment done:
An immediate lower denture was fabricated during the healing phase. Following this, a fibular graft was placed in his jaw by an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and three implants were inserted into the graft on the lower left side of his jaw. These implants were restored with a removable-fixed implant-retained prosthesis. He underwent Orthodontic treatment to correct the crowding in his upper front teeth, which were eventually restored with composite restorations.

Treatment outcome:
The patient has shown a great improvement in chewing, function and speech. His new prosthesis has helped him tremendously with his appearance, confidence and self -esteem. He presents to us every 3 months for follow-up appointments.