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FMR Case 2 PC

Presenting concern:
This patient presented to us with short and discoloured teeth. She had had orthodontic work in the past which was not very successful. She was conscious of smiling. She had a history of Orofacial pain and composite restorations which she was happy with. She was concerned about her upper central incisor on the left side which had moved as a result of an “accidental extraction by a dentist in the past”.

Treatment done:
Multiple consultations were carried out to understand her concerns and her medical history evaluated. She was shown a mock-up of her final crowns. Following her approval, the upper dentition was restored with multiple all-ceramic crowns.

Treatment outcome:
The patient is very happy with the outcome of her treatment. She smiles more often and is confident when smiling. People tell her that ‘she looks great’. She is now motivated to have her lower teeth treated in future.