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CD Case 2 SS

Presenting concern:
This patient presented in 2010, complaining of an old, ill-fitting upper denture. The denture was stained, un-aesthetic, terribly worn and the teeth were not prominent upon smiling. In addition, the denture moved constantly. The patient did not have any teeth or prosthesis for his lower jaw. The patient had used a lower denture in the past but his ridge was completely flat and the denture was very loose.

Treatment Done:
This patient was given a set of new complete upper and lower dentures. The lower denture was supported by implants at the canine positions. The implants had locator attachments which in turn clicked into the under surface of the denture, thus increasing retention.

Treatment Outcome:
The patient was very happy with the aesthetic outcome and increased retention of his dentures. He smiled confidently and could chew without worrying about his denture falling down. His quality of life had dramatically improved following treatment completion.