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Complete Denture Case 2 MB

Presenting concern:
This patient presented to us in 2010, complaining of inability to eat as she did not have a lower denture. She also requested a new upper denture as her existing denture moved a bit. She had a growth on her right cheek which she wanted removed and was expecting to follow up with surgeries in the future as she has had a history of squamous cell carcinoma in the right pallet. This had resulted in a communication between the pallet and the nasal cavity. The patient complains of nasal speech due to the communication between the pallet and the mouth “hyper nasality”.

Treatment Done:
The patient had her existing lower decayed teeth extracted. The healthy teeth in the upper arch were preserved. She was given a new lower denture with good retention and a new upper denture with ‘bulb’ in order to plug the cavity in her right pallet and facilitate speach.

Treatment Outcome:
The patient reported good retention of the upper denture as well as the lower. She was able to comfortably speak and the hyper nasality had reduced considerably ‘Nasal Tone’. She could function much better than she had before and was able to chew and maintain a better quality of life.