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IB Case 3 NK

Presenting concern:
This patient presented to us in 2015 complaining of upper front teeth that were lost following an accident. She requested a fixed implant bridge that was natural looking. She had a denture which was unsatisfactory in appearance.

Treatment Done:
A CBCT scan was carried out and a ‘mock-up’ done to determine the appropriate position of the final crowns and implants. Guided implant surgery was performed. A. single implant was inserted and restored with a temporary implant-supported bridge. The gum tissues were remodelled in stages. Following satisfactory remodelling, the final implant-supported bridge was inserted.

Treatment outcome:
The patient is very happy with the appearance and function of her teeth. She is particularly satisfied with the outcome of the gingival tissues and opted to have 2 veneers for the upper left incisor teeth to match up with the implant bridge on the right side. The patient regularly presents to us for reviews to keep her teeth and gums in good health.