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OD Case 1 SY

Presenting concern:
This patient presented to us in 2018 complaining of an ill-fitting lower denture, which prevented her from eating and functioning properly. The patient had 2 implants in the lower arch. The denture attachments were ill-fitting and interfered with function. The lower denture moved constantly.

Treatment Done:
Appropriate denture locator attachments were ordered to utilise the existing implants. The implant on the left side of the jaw was fitted with a locator attachment, which in turn ‘clicked’ onto the under surface of the lower denture. The implant on the right side had a different attachment. It was decided that a healing cap would be inserted onto this implant to improve retention. The new denture was finally inserted.

Treatment Outcome:
The patient was extremely happy with the additional retention. She is pleased that she can function satisfactorily, eat and chew her food without the fear of her denture falling out.