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C Case 3 PS

Presenting complaint:
This patient presented with multiple aesthetic issues in relation to his upper crowns and front teeth. His previous crowns were short dark and stubby and did not match his facial profile. The patient was tall and had abnormally short crowns inserted on these teeth. He had a history of congenitally missing upper lateral incisor teeth. His upper canine teeth on either side were repositioned into the incisors sites and restored with short crowns. The patient was dissatisfied with the appearance of these crowns and wanted longer and lighter, appropriately shaped natural looking crowns. His secondary complaint was that his midline was deviated to the left and that the crowns appeared dark near the gingival areas. In addition, he had a draining sinus in relation to his gums in the upper left lateral incisor.

Treatment done:
A steady and systematic approach was adopted towards treatment. His old crowns were removed and temporary crowns inserted onto his teeth. Following a period of periodontal stabilisation and resolution of the sinus tract in relation to the upper left lateral incisor, the patient was restored with all-ceramic, full coverage crowns on the upper 4 front teeth. Due to financial constraints, the upper canine teeth were restored with composite restorations.

The outcome:
The patient was extremely happy with his new crowns and with the appearance of his teeth. He has become more aware of his oral hygiene and gingival health. We hope to monitor this case on a regular basis and achieve good outcomes with his gingival status. For now, he is happy and enjoying his longer, appropriately shaped and coloured crowns.