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B Case 2 AL

Presenting concern:
This patient presented to us two years ago, complaining of an upper front bridge, which was loose. The patient had multiple missing upper front teeth and was not happy with her bite. Her upper and lower front teeth did not touch each other. Her lower jaw was repositioned forward as a result. She did not have adequate bone for implants. Her speech was altered and she lisped. She requested new bridges and a favourable bite.

Treatment done:
A comprehensive treatment plan was developed for this patient. The old upper front bridge was removed and replaced with a new bridge that had longer and squarer teeth which matched the overall appearance of the patient. The new teeth were set in a more favourable position to facilitate speech and function.

Treatment outcome:
The patient was very happy with the appearance, shape and colour of her new bridge. She was able to bite comfortably and speak without lisping. Her quality of life has increased since. She is extremely happy with the way her teeth and jaws aligned together. She now lives abroad and looks forward to replacing her upper right and left back bridges in the future.